Long awaited, now finally here & a very special highlight from Mick


We are happy to present you the first items of his new fan and Series 2 collection. On this occasion we also have a very special and personally motivated collection from Mick.

This is the limited "FourSeven" T-shirt series. It refers to Mick's Formula 1 starting number 47, but there's more behind the number than you might think at first.

Four is a number with a numerical meaning - responsibility, inquisitiveness, determination - that Mick can identify with very well; one of his favourite numbers. And the number 7 stands for his father, Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher, who won seven world championship titles. If you put these numbers into words, it's "Four Seven", which can be read like "For Michael" - a kind of symbolic message for the unity between Mick and Michael, and the reason why the "u" in the word "Four" is crossed out so prominently.

With this in mind, Mick Schumacher designed a special T-shirt collection inspired by four notable milestones from his father's career. The different colours of the crosses stand for:

Green: Michael's first F1 race. The green colour of the "x" symbolises the green Jordan car Michael drove at Spa 1991.

Yellow: Michael's first victory. The yellow colour of the "x" symbolises the yellow Benetton car Michael drove at Spa 1992.

Blue: Michael's first F1 world championship. The light blue colour of the "x" symbolises the light blue Benetton car Michael drove at Adelaide in 1994.

Red: Michael's first F1 world championship title with Ferrari. The red colour of the "x" symbolises the red Ferrari car Michael drove at Suzuka in 2000.

To emphasise the personal significance, Mick wrote the words "Four Seven" himself. Each of these four T-shirts is available in black or white, and the exclusive T-shirt series is limited to 47 pieces per colour.

The entire Paddock Legends team wishes Mick continued success in his rookie season!

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