The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is considered to be the cornerstone of tyre production and has been an integral part of the motor sport world since the invention of the automobile.

The company, based in Akron in the United States, equipped the Ford and Daimler automobiles with tyres as early as the beginning of the 20th century and thus secured market leadership in the USA and Europe. In the course of the 20th century, the company continued to attract attention with new innovations and inventions, and in the 21st century it is still at the top of the world's automotive suppliers.

In the course of its worldwide expansion, Goodyear also became a permanent representative as an advertising partner for various motorsport teams and events. Even today, the racetracks of the world are lined with the banners of the traditional company and are considered by many to be a historical legacy of motorsport history.

For the many fans of the Goodyear brand, a special fashion collection has been launched that includes everything a fan's heart desires, from T-shirts and polo shirts to jumpers and jackets.

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