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Porsche 911 x 911 - 2 volumes in a jewellery box

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Art no.:Item number: ISBN-978-3-613-32153-3

Brand:Porsche Motorsport
Vehicle brand:Porsche
Manufacturer:Motorbuch Verlag


Porsche 911 x 911 - 2 volumes in a jewellery box

To introduce the 911 would be like carrying boxer engines to Zuffenhausen: for 60 years, it has been the measure of all things among super sports cars. Over 1.1 million 911s have been produced in the meantime, and the number of books is almost unmanageable. And yet this volume offers something very special: with "911x911", the Porsche Museum presents the history of the sports car icon using pictures, drawings and adverts from the factory archive, which had never been published before and made the first edition a tremendous success. Now comes the new edition, including the 2023 model year.

  • Language: German
  • Publisher: Motorbuch Verlag
  • Year of publication: 2023
  • Scope: 1200 pages / approx. 1200 illustrations
  • Format: Dust jacket, hardcover
  • Dimensions: approx. 24 x 24 cm

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