The 24h Hall of Fame Digital (H.o.F.) A digital home for legends.


A unique project:

From the teams of the Nürburgring legends, the originals are made available after racing. Every detail of these precision machines is captured with the highest accuracy. Technology and teamwork make "digital twins" of these icons of motorsport possible. From the lines of the bodywork to the intricacies of the engine to the battle scars of racing:

H.o.F.'s 3D scans are the ultimate tribute to the performance and great moments of racing legends. These will be displayed in the Hall of Fame, which is open to the public, as professonial video and images.

But this will be only the beginning. The H.o.F. is developing all team vehicles at the moment of their 24h appearance as a legitimately accessible high-end 3D vehicle. Each model will be a digitally serialized collector's item with an individual "certificate of ownership".

A real race car is available for purchase by very few. A photo is just a photo.

A H.o.F. "Digital Collectible" comes from the teams directly to you and supports them just as directly.

It is up to the fans to add the unforgettable motives to the H.o.F. and to hold a part of it themselves.

That's what the H.o.F. Community stands for. Be part of it.

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