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Paddock Legends has a new selection of model cars available. Next to brands like Lamborghini or Ferrari the shop has new and very limited 1/8 Porsche RS 2.7 model cars of Minichamps exclusively available.

They are particularly fine accessories for your home or a representative ambience for modern business premises. The new Minichamps models on a scale of 1/8 are much more than just a perfect reproduction of the famous originals – their sculptural forms and perfect craftsmanship make them unique works of art that will enhance and upvalue any surroundings.

And as it is in common in the art scene, their numbers are strictly limited: only 99 copies of individual colour versions are produced for the world market – you can’t get much more exclusive than that. Needless to say, such limited numbers are manufactured on a small-scale with a passion for detail and meticulous craftsmanship to produce true masterpieces. The components are assembled by hand in numerous operations and their exact fit is constantly checked. This naturally applies for the extensive decorations too, all of which are applied by hand in individual operations.

The special resin ensures the immaculately smooth surfaces of the bodywork, which is given multiple coats of paint in the vehicles’ original co- lours. The final layer of clear varnish and careful polishing by hand produce the inimitable deep gloss finish that lets the models shine from any perspective. Mirror-smooth windows also play an important role here. All of the exterior and interior details are exactly the same as those of the original vehicle – right down to the windscreen washers or speaker cover on the rear shelf. Soft rubber tyres in the correct dimensions and with the right profile are proof of the meticulous attention that is paid to detail, as are the wheel suspensions made of metal.

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