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25 05:00:00.02.202025 February: Today in Racing

25 February: Today in Racing

Rich in racing history, 25 February saw Jimmy Murphy steer his Dusenberg to victory in the 1923 Beverly Hills Grand Prixe race; in 1934, Per-Viktor Widengren drove his a Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 Monza to win the Norwegian Grand Pix at Mjosa and Joe Weatherly won the 1962 NASCAR Grand National at Daytona.

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24 06:00:00.02.202024 February: Today in Racing

24 February: Today in Racing

24 February will be remembered for many a good racing reason, starting with Harlan Fengler racing to vitory in the 1924 Beverly Hills Grand Prize race, eight years before Malcolm Campbell steered his Napier Railton Blue Bird to another new 253.9 mph World Land Speed Record at Daytona Beach, Florida.

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23 08:00:00.02.202023 February: Today in Racing

23 February: Today in Racing

23 February is a dramatic and varied day in racing and motoring history. On this day, Rudolf Diesel received a German patent for the diesel engine in 1893, Baroness Mercedes Adrienne von Schlosser Weigl nee Jellinek, after whom Mercedes cars were named, died in aged 39 in 1929 and submachine gun-toting communist guerrillas led by Castro henchman Manuel Uziel kidnapped multiple Argentine F1 world champion Juan Manuel Fangio on the eve of Cuba's Havana Grand Prix...

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22 14:00:00.02.2020Barcelona Formula 1 Test Week 1 Wrap: Wass ist DAS?

Barcelona Formula 1 Test Week 1 Wrap: Wass ist DAS?

Smoke, mirrors and deception as F1 gets down to first 2020 business in Catalunya? In German, wass ist das quite literally means: what is that? Makes us wonder if Mercedes deliberately called its new suspension invention DAS — for Dual Axis Steering. Whatever its roots,

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22 06:00:00.02.202022 February: Today in Racing

22 February: Today in Racing

Today in history will be remembered for American speed king Barney Oldfield asking in 1917, "If deflecting planes will drive an airplane up and down, why won't a deflecting plane on a car going more than 100mph help drive it down to the ground and add weight for traction?”

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21 06:00:00.02.202021 February: Today in Racing

21 February: Today in Racing

"If yesterday was controversial in racing history on this day, it seems the 21st proved equally contentious, it seems the 21st proved equally contentious, if a touch quieter. For example, FIA supremo Max Mosley said in 2001 that Ayrton Senna should have been excluded for deliberately crashing into Alain Prost to clinch the 1990 the Formula 1 World Championship at the penultimate round in Japan.

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20 06:00:00.02.202020 February: Today in Racing

20 February: Today in Racing

The 20th of February has been quite controversial off the track through racing history on this day. Frank Williams, Patrick Head, Adrian Newey and three Imola race officials were charged with culpable homicide for the death of Ayrton Senna in a 1997 Italian trial that would continue a year before all six were cleared of all charges.

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19 14:00:00.02.2020Meet Kimi Raikkonen's new Alfa Romeo

Meet Kimi Raikkonen's new Alfa Romeo

This is Kimi Räikkönen's new ride. Although the Finn could not be reached for comment immediately after it was revealed in the Barcelona pit lane this morning, his new machine was soon on the track in the capable hands of test driver Robert Kubica.

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19 07:00:00.02.2020A short history of the winter Formula 1 'world championship'

A short history of the winter Formula 1 'world championship'

Michele Lupini takes a Formula 1 junkie’s look back on the eve of 2020 winter testing. Excitement is building ahead of the first Formula 1 tests of the new 2020 season in Barcelona this week, for me this time of the year evokes an animal instinct from deep within — to drop everything else, whether it matters or not and focus only on the happenings down Catalunya way. I suppose I have very good reason for those deep rooted instincts though…

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