Armin Flossdorf

Armin’s first impact with Formula 1 happened in Germany years ago while watchingthe first race. After studies … still fascinated by the focus and the extreme pressure of the F1 drivers, he felt that he could produce his paintings with the same energy and speed that goes hand in hand with fast driving.

Armin works with acryllic mixed with pigments and oil-pastels. His brush strokes are fast and massively powerful when he creates a wonderful artwork in just a few hours. The work seems effortless as the brush mixes strokes and colours showing a legendary moment of F1. First realized by Jean Todt – the former Team Principal of Scuderia Ferrari and now President of the FIA – Armin is meanwhile a well-known artist within the Formula 1- scenery followed and accepted by Bernie Ecclestone, Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton as well as Jean Alesi and Kimi Räikkonen. Working within the F1 PaddockClub and presenting his artworks in the best Hotels whereever Formula 1 is hosted Armin is a fully integrated part in F1.

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