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Artwork James Hunt Portrait #0064

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Art no.:Item number: F1AF-20-0064

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Collections:Armin Flossdorf Collection
Colour:black / white
Material composition:Lead on Paper
Driver:James Hunt
Manufacturer:Armin Flossdorf
Dimensions:175 x 120 cm


Artwork James Hunt Portrait #0064

  • Artist Armin Flossdorf
  • Formula 1 artwork
  • Motif James Hunt
  • Lead on paper
  • size 175 x 120 cm

A portrait of James Hunt, the British racing driver and Formula 1 world champion of 1976. Hunt was known for his wild and extroverted lifestyle and was considered the "rock star of Formula 1".

He displayed the same mentality on the race track. As he was repeatedly involved in several accidents, he was also called "Hunt the Shunt". To this day he is considered a pop icon of racing and attracts many followers.

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